Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bring out the dust rag and the rug beaters!

Okay folks, time to dust this baby off.

Every Doggone Chore Has Its Day
Now, in the days of yore, the chores for each day were enumerated as follows:
  • Wash on Monday
  • Iron on Tuesday
  • Mend on Wednesday
  • Churn on Thursday
  • Clean on Friday
  • Bake on Saturday
  • Rest on Sunday 
(Channeling Inez...) "Moi? Play By The Rules?? Why Ever Would I Do That??" (... and don't ask her to do chores if she's holding one of those rug beaters!)
However, I've never been one to follow protocol (unless someone pays me to do so). Besides, this every-day-has its-chores business doesn't take into account the sit-in-front-of-the-computer-and-bang-out-words chore, which must be done every day of the week including Sundays. (The overriding rule of "no rest for the wicked or for those with two kids in college" comes into play here).

Therefore, Let It Be Known That I Proceed Randomly As The Spirit Moves
Last night on Friday, I helped my daughter bake a yummy chocolate-banana cake last night (how lovely to have her home for the summer!), and I'm cleaning up my blog and various living spaces now (i.e., Saturday).
As part of that general cleanup, I plan to churn up some words of wisdom for Monday, June 30, as part of a "blog hop" focused on the writing process.
On Monday, June 23, see Camille Minichino's "hop" entry, which precedes me by one week, here:

Look for a return to random musings, starting here and continuing on June 30!


Camille Minichino said...

I'm going to start on Sunday! Thanks Ann, for this list!

Renaissance Women said...

Oh this was fun! I remember that list and never followed it either, but my childhood friends mother did...sigh. Doris

Ann Parker said...

Sundays are the BEST, Camille! Maybe a day of reading = a day of rest?? ;-)

Ann Parker said...

Hello Doris! Glad to see you're still "with me." I've been gone a loooong time from the blogging arena (well, there's LadyKillers and the Poisoned Pen Press blogs, but this one has languished).
My mother didn't follow the list, but I think *her* mother probably did... to some extent...