Monday, June 30, 2014

Doing the hop hop hop, the "writer's process" hop

I'm following on to Camille Minichino's great post answering questions about "the writer's process" as part of an ongoing blog hop. However, since I'm a-draggin' as I write this, I'm thinking I'll be mysterious with my answers and do one post a day this week answering each of the four questions. (Hey, it's the slow reveal... what could be more suspenseful, right?)
On Day 5, I'll offer up some quick musings to wrap it all up.

On to the first question!

What am I working on/writing?
Well, I'm already going to have to duck and cover here. Those who have been waiting... waiting... waiting... to see what happens next to Inez and all her friends in the Silver Rush series... I'll get there! I will! I promise! But that's not the writing I'm doing at present. (Ack! Don't throw things at me, please!)

Currently, I'm working on a long-ish science article for Science & Technology Review magazine. (To see an article that I wrote for the current June issue, check out this lovely on "tangled nanotubes"...)

I also recently finished drafting a series of blog posts for Thomson Reuters Elite for their recent VANTAGE conference and have been busy scribbling flyers, brochures, white papers (like this one on Big Data) and other things for TRE. I also find a bit of time now and again to copy edit and proof technical reports for the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center at UC Berkeley (such as this one, titled "Unbonded Pretensioned Bridge Columns with Rocking Detail").

What I love about my day job(s) is that I'm always learning something new. I've been a perpetual student all my life, and see no reason to stop now. Of course, I get the same thrill when writing my historical fiction novels as well.

Whew. Gotta save my hands for that long-ish science article and hopefully finish it up today.

Tomorrow, I'll answer the question: How does my writing/work differ from others in its genre?

I promise to focus on fiction writing when answering that one!

Until tomorrow....

Everyone: Keep writing and reading!


Camille Minichino said...

Writing is writing! And even nanotube research might lead you to an idea for Inez Stannert's next adventure!

Stretching out the suspense: clever!

Ann Parker said...

Hi Camille!
That's my feeling too... I'm exercising the writing muscles a lot, just in a different arena. I've been doing speech writing as well, and find all my fictional work creating dialogue comes in handy for that.
One line of work feeds the other and back again.