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In Search of Healing by Guest Author Kat Seaholm

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Please welcome fellow guest author Kat Seaholm to today's special post.

Kat lives on a small acreage in Colorado along with her family and way too many cats. The cats also happen to be her hardest critics and push her to improve her writing along with adding more mice and cats to her story. Besides writing, Kat’s other hobbies include traveling, karate, and several needle arts.


Hi everyone, Kat here. Ann has generously allowed me to share about my newest book: In Search of Healing, book two of the Seeker Files. In book one, In Search of Justice, Agent Aletta Sheridan and Agent Lirim Bosk are partnered together in Human-Supernatural Investigation (HSI). Book two is about Aletta’s story.

When I first started writing The Seeker Files, it began as a personal dare. I was afraid of sharing my writing with the world, despite having been told that I write well. I challenged myself to write a mystery in October and publish it in time for Halloween. So, imagine my surprise when I sat down and a six-book series sprang to life in my imagination. I managed to write In Search of Justice in a little under a month and published it. I’d never been so exhausted in my life, but I was elated at the same time.

In the first book, Aletta and Lirim form their partnership and learn how to work together. This second book takes a deeper look into Aletta. When I first met Aletta in In Search of Justice, she was sulking at her desk. She’d been sitting at that desk for three weeks, refusing to accept a partner. I immediately knew that this was a fiery woman who was fiercely devoted to her job. In In Search of Healing, I was privileged to be invited into Aletta’s life.

A case has drawn Aletta face to face with her former life, that of the opera. After an accident three years ago, Aletta walked away from the opera world and never looked back. She is happy with her career at HSI and settling into her partnership with Lirim. However, her whole world is flipped upside down when Captain Jones calls her into his office. Someone is targeting the Canticum Company and because of her familiarity with the opera, she and Lirim have been chosen to go undercover. Added into this is her struggle to master her newfound gift. Between trying to figure out who’s behind the attacks and master her gift, will Aletta and Lirim be able to piece everything together or will they run out of time?

I invite you to journey with Aletta as she faces her past and her future, the opera and her gift, in this second book of The Seeker Files: In Search of Healing

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