Friday, November 13, 2009

Killer Cakes: Cake Wrecks

Okay, I'm well aware that this has nothing to do with writing. Or Leadville. Or the Silver Rush mystery series. Or history or....
But this particular blog is funny as heck, and I drop in every so often when I need a laugh. And who doesn't need something silly every once in a while?

The giggle-blog for this Friday the 13th is (drum roll, please...)
Cake Wrecks—When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

Disastrous culinary masterpieces may seem like an obscure topic to blog about, but ... guess what ... there is now a "Cake Wrecks" book. And I'll bet a whole lot of folks have plunked down twelve bucks and change for a copy.

Need I add, there are many paths to being published, humorous cake wreckage being one.


Laurie Powers said...

there's blogs about everything nowadays and this one takes the cake. Sorry - just had to do that. Very funny. I'll have to bookmark it.

Anonymous said...

They once featured some really nice children's book-inspired cakes. My fave was the Pokey Little Puppy:

Jean Henry Mead said...

I'm sure the book is laugh worthy and not something Brigette would bake at the Silver Queen. :-)


Ann Parker said...

Hello all!
Laurie: I'll think you'll find it worthy of a good laugh when needed. A picker-upper along the line of good, dark chocolate (yum!).
Christina: I went and checked out this link; what great cakes about kids books, and not a wreck amongst them!
Jean: You're right, Bridgette would be positively HORRIFIED to be featured by Cake Wrecks. Not that she'd ever bake anything that would fit the definition ... ;-)