Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take your chance on winning Silver or Lead

Library Manager/Book Reviewer Lesa Holstine is running a drawing on her blog Lesa's Book Critiques to win a signed copy of either Silver Lies (the first of the Silver Rush series) or of Leaden Skies (the most recent). So, if you're interested in "taking a gamble" on the Silver Rush, head over to her post "Winners and the Silver Rush" and follow her instructions on how to enter. While you're there, you should peruse her book reviews ... You may find a whole more to add to your to-be-read pile!

... And I really do intend to post about 4th of July in Leadville long ago. It's just that some project deadlines have caught up with me as of late. Hope to hit the "all clear" next week!


Anonymous said...

Leadville. Great name for an old Western town. I love some of these names. In Arizona a few years back, I remember seeing on a map out in the middle of nowhere with places with names like Horse Thieves Pass then a bit further up is Dead Man's Gulch. Names like this usually go back to the Wild Wild West days. You can imagine how they got their names.

Stephen Tremp

Patricia Stoltey said...

I like this notion of giving away copies of your books on other blog sites (rather than, or in addition to, your own). I'm going there now. Thanks.

Ann Parker said...

Hello Steve, I'm intrigued by the names of the towns you found... Arizona has some of the best town names I've seen! There's also Two Guns AZ, Surprise AZ, Carefree AZ, etc.
And Pat, I like it too! And Lesa's site is really a great one. Lots of reviews and author interviews. And she updates all the time (unlike moi...guilt, guilt).