Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ted Kierscey Collection

If you love Colorado history and old photographs (which I do), the Ted Kierscey Collection is something to behold. They have a nice capsule history of Leadville, and some great photographs. While I was writing Iron Ties, I turned to this site frequently for a look-see at what the Denver & Rio Grande was up to in 1880 around Leadville. I'd love to show the images here, but don't want to run afoul of copyright issues. So, here are the links instead, along with some of the things that draw me to the images:
  • Miners at the Carbonate Mine (1881) — What fascinates me: the faces and the clothing.
  • Blacksmith shop (1880) — What fascinates me: same as above, and the building and signage (are the words painted on canvas or . . . ?).
  • Park City up Stray Horse Gulch - 2 miles east of Leadville (1880) — What fascinates me: The trees (they weren't all cut down!), the "street" (pretty much an ankle twister . . . imagine what it was like when it rained), the buildings (false fronts and all). I'll have to research "Park City" someday, and find out more about it.
Anyone else out there like to scrutinize photographs for writerly inspiration and research? If you have some favorite sites, let us know.


Anonymous said...

These are great. I love photographs from this era, too.

Morgan Mandel said...

The photos are a great link to the past.

Morgan Mandel

Ann Parker said...

I agree . . . wonderful photos, superb links to the past. :-)