Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another favorite Colorado publication . . .

. . . Having featured the Leadville Herald Democrat newspaper yesterday, I thought I'd mention another regional publication I enjoy and subscribe to: Colorado Central. Published monthly by Martha and Ed Quillen of Salida, Colorado Central always delivers. At least, for this "flat-lander" (because that is what I am, living, as I do, a whole whopping 480 feet above sea level).

Besides allowing me to keep up-to-date on what's what and who's who in the Central Colorado region (which includes Leadville, Salida, and a whole lot more), Colorado Central is one of those lovely publications where one is rewarded for reading the small print. For instance, in the Credits section of the December 2008 issue, "Other" reads:

Proofreading by Matt Gonzales and Sally Gonzales. Everything else is the fault of Martha and Ed Quillen, though mostly Ed because he was on the road a lot, and suffered much distraction from various political campaigns.

The masthead on the cover also features different tag lines for every issue that bear careful scrutiny:

(For December 2008) The Monthly Magazine for People who wish the days were a bit longer.
(For August 2008) The Monthly Magazine for People who wonder how summer could pass so quickly.

In the table of contents, the one-sentence descriptions of the articles and regular departments often display the same sense of . . . dare I say, playfulness? For example, from the December 2008 issue:
  • The non-lure of the wild
    It's hard to understand how modern kids could resist playing outdoors, but they do.

  • Keeping Track
    An election prediction gone awry, mining and renewable energy, windmills and zoning, cartoons, and news and comment from all around.

  • Agenda
    We wonder if anyone reads this line.
    [! I do! I do!]
  • After all these years
    The redemptive power of higher forms of craziness.

  • Water Update
    Keeping up with what's wet.

The magazine's website has an archive where you can sample past issues. (Sliding in a little under-the-radar BSP: If you'd like to see what Ed thought of Iron Ties, the second in my mystery series, see the August 2006 issue.) I suggest you go check out Colorado Central. Publications like these are rare, and better than gold. Or should I say, silver?


Joan De La Haye said...

Hi Ann. I've given you a Butterfly Award. Pop in at my blog to get the details

Joan De La Haye

Anonymous said...

Another thing that makes me miss Colorado!

Ann Parker said...

Hi Joan!
Wow! Thank you! I'll hop over and see what this is all about.

And Christina . . . I know how you feel! :-)