Sunday, July 4, 2010

Elitch's Gardens, 1900

Happy Fourth of July!
Time to dust off the blog. I'm thrashing through the early section of book#4 in the series, but find myself distracted from researching neurasthenia and nervous exhaustion by, of all things, Elitch's Gardens in Denver "as it was" around 1900.
Too early for the Silver Rush series, alas.... But, according to family legend, this is where the real Inez Stannert (my paternal grandmother) first met William W. Parker (my paternal grandfather). What was the Gardens like back then, I wondered.
Well, I found some wonderful digital images at the Denver Public Library's Western History and Genealogy Department. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce them here (copyright issues and all), but the links are below:



Laurie Powers said...

Oh, I love them all but especially the vine-covered arbor. Thanks for posting these!

Ann Parker said...

Hey hiya Laurie! Yes, the arbor was a favorite of mine too. I can just imagine the ladies in their long dresses, walking under the shade of the trees...

Camille Minichino said...

It must be such a special feeling to be rummaging around where your grandparents met.

Ann Parker said...

Hi Camille!
Yes, it is. I'm glad there are photos of what the area looked like then. I think I'm going for downtown photos of Denver, circa early 1900s, next.