Sunday, November 1, 2009

Places of Solace

Hoping to get onboard with regular blogging again. Truly, it goes in fits and starts. Much like life.
I decided I'm going to ease back into the daily blogging habit (I hope!) by examining places of solace: those places one goes for renewal.
For some, it might be a forest.
For others, it might be a city.
Yet others might find comfort curled up in a particular chair in the corner of a room.
In any case, think about the places you long to be, when you've a need to recover and gather energy. I'll step through a few of my favorite "places" (not all are physical locations) as the week progresses.

1 comment:

Laurie Powers said...

Good to see you again Ann! I like your idea of places of solace. That sound great. I've got you on my blog list so you can't escape now. :)