Friday, May 8, 2009

Word geeks: View this

Okay, I'm going to kick back tonight and watch the movie Chicago on DVD! :-)

Meanwhile, if you are a "word geek," like I am, and love dictionaries, words, language, and all that goes into such, the clip below is for you. (And I'm a gal whose favorite Christmas present EVER was a Roget's Thesaurus when I was 13 years old ... I still have it in my bookcase, right next to my desk.)

Here's hoping you love this clip as much as I did!

Happy viewing!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Too funny! Love the traffic cop image. I'm a word nerd, myself. I'll have to share this with my English professor dad. Thanks for the entertaining clip!

Anonymous said...

Great clip. I'm a wordy nut also. When I read a word another author uses that I'd never thought of using or knew much about I always jot it down in a special file - store it away for possible use or thesaurus findings.

Karen Brees said...

I love words! Guess that's no surprise, coming from a retired English teacher who turned writer. Is there a future for the bound volumes we've all used for so long?

Galen Kindley--Author said...

I loved this line, and must remember to steal it. "Send the geek needle all the way into the red." How funny. I do love words. Is there someone who doesn't???? Na, can't be.

Thanks for sharing. I'm saving that clip.

Best, Galen.

Gayle Carline said...



Enid Wilson said...

Cool! I am not nutty about words but I do like to write so it's great to know more.

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N A Sharpe said...

What an awesome video! She is sooo funny.

NA Sharpe

Ann Parker said...

Isn't she great?? Now I want to be a lexicographer when I grow up!