Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new start...

... Okay, let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged on this in nearly a year. A lot of water is under the bridge, and it's now 2009.

These are likely to be ultra-short posts, as I have a deadlines looming for a draft of an employee handbook and an edit of a (non-fiction) book on photography.

Tomorrow, I'll do a quickie blog on my upcoming Silver Rush mystery (title: Leaden Skies; publishing date: July 2009).

Until then, here's a photo I took a few years ago (no leaden skies here) in the mining district of Leadville.


Dani said...

Hooray, she's back. Don't forget to check out all the great editing tips at The Blood Red Pencil. There's something to add to your blogroll! Happy New Year.


Ann Parker said...

Okay... but I have to figure out how to do a blogroll.... :-}