Friday, January 30, 2009

BPP (Blatant Publisher Promotion)

. . . Not to be confused with BCP (blatant chocolate promotion) or BSP (blatant self-promotion), I'm going to take this post to indulge in some BPP (blatant publisher promotion). Here's a round of applause and hearty huzzahs to my publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, which just gave away 43,000 books to the Central Florida Schools! Is that cool or what?

The Press's first-ever annual Great Mystery Book Giveaway is part of the National Education Association’s Read Across America program. You can download the press release and read about it here. Makes me proud to be a member of the PPP posse!

Hmmm. Wonder if there were any copies of Iron Ties or Silver Lies in that huge stack o' books?

Okay, the science/technical writer part of my brain just can't leave it at that. I had to calculate how tall a stack of books that might be, if they were stacked up like the little image to the left. Let's assume each book is about one inch thick. That's 43,000 inches, which is 3,583 feet, which is . . . holy guacamole . . . about 2/3 of a mile (0.678655 mile to be precise, which would be a skyscraper of about 358 stories tall, assuming a story is 10 feet).

That's a whole lot of books!

Hurray for the Press!


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Good for them. And don't forget there's also SSP (shameless self promotion).

Joan De La Haye

Anonymous said...

That conjures up quite the picture!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Good for Poisoned Pen - maybe some other publishers will follow their lead. Your example of what that number of books equates to was excellent.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Anonymous said...

Forty-three THOUSAND books? That's a spicy meatball! For generosity like that, your publisher certainly deserves to be recognized!

Ann Parker said...

Quite a pile of books, no? And PPP does hardcovers and tradepaper, so these are hefty books. Hmm. I wonder how much all those books weigh...
Must. Resist. Doing. The Calculation.

Angela said...

This is GREAT! I will be sure to support them more in the future. Reading through one of the Poison Pen mysteries for review now. It is a LOT of fun.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Pretty cool stuff! Go, PPPress!


Joy said...

Way to go Poisoned Pen Press! What an incredibly generous thing to do.

Joy Delgado
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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing, because before I read the whole post, I was calculating in my head how many shelves those books would take.=)
But what a great thing for them to do.

Bob Sanchez said...

Hey Ann, from one technical writer to another, I don't think you can express that calculation with such precision. If one of your factors is "about an inch," you can't extrapolate from there to a precise 0.678655 mile.

Am I taking this too seriously? (Nah, I'm teasing.)

I've heard good things about PPP, and your blog is a good one.

Bob Sanchez

Charlotte Phillips said...

Just checking up on the blog-a-day challengers and handing our congrats for surviving the challenge:-)


Ann Parker said...

Glad to see others cheering for the Press. And yes, Bob, you're right... such precision is unwarranted. I got carried away by the inherent beauty of the numbers. ;-)

Lesa said...

That is fabulous, Ann. I bragged about them on Twitter today!