Friday, January 23, 2009

BCP (Blatant Chocolate Promotion) results

I'm taking a break from "Letters: Windows to the past" to announce the results of my informal chocolate survey.

The 19 respondents voted as follows:
13 -- dark chocolate rules
2 -- milk chocolate preferred
2 -- white (is that really chocolate?) chocolate
2 -- none of the above

So, based on this admittedly unscientific sampling, I'd say I'd better stock up on dark chocolate, but not neglect the other types, when I take to the road to promote Leaden Skies.

And for the two who said none of the above, perhaps a non-chocolate something-or-other. Hmmm. Being that the book comes out in July, probably something non-melty might be a good idea. . .


Anonymous said...

Great photo- stirs up my sweet tooth!

Anonymous said...

Being one of the two "none of the aboves", I say kudos to you for not dismissing us with a "What? who doesn't like chocolate?" This is the ultimate test of worthiness. I may now continue to read your blog apprehension-free.


P.S. Jolly Ranchers

Bob Sanchez said...

My wife and I once went to a posh restaurant in Boston and had a dessert that included dark chocolate with hot pepper in it. Much better than it sounds.

As I recall, the dish itself was made of chocolate.

Bob Sanchez

Ann Parker said...

Hmmm. Jolly Ranchers. Thanks for the idea Krista!

Dark chocolate with hot pepper?? It sounds strange, but if someone else makes it, I'm always willing to try!

Ann -- with a raging sweeth tooth